Saturday Morning D&D

Goblins Getting Gutted

Session 1

A Dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker Hires them to deliver supplies to Phandalin before heading off with his Friend Sildar Hallwinter.

The party sets forth a day behind them and makes good time with little to disturb them. Until they a half day out of town that is. As they round a corner into a clearing, there path is blocked by two dead horses. Black arrows sticking out, its not too long before Goblins ambush the party.

Xarrakas charges around swinging while trying to intimidating the Goblins into dropping their weapons. Peron spends his time beating his drum and hurling insults with surprising effectiveness. Emeron keeps everyone on their feet and Shamus lets lose the hurt on anyone he can see.

Between them, they manage to corner a Goblin by the name of Splug and he insists that he can help lead the party to the captured riders if they let him live. They learn of a Bugbear who is leading the Cragmaw Goblins. Splug then shows them the traps laid out for anyone who was to follow them, and explains the layout of Cragmaw Cave. Along with this, the party asks about the goblin politics, though given what they learn, the idea of a Goblin rebellion is thrown out the window.

Shamus is sent off to deal with the Guards in the Blind by the entrance of the cave and with an expert shot drops the first guard instantly. With Emeron and Peron on guard, Xarrakas decimates the other guard.

After walking in they are greeted by a pack of chained up Wolves, Emeron tries to calm the animals down and the party moves on.

As the party makes their way through the cave they pass by a tunnel leading to an unknown section of the cave but choose to move on along the river. They discover Splug’s love of Emerons shield and the protection it can provide him.

As they round the corner of the main tunnel-way, it opens into a large opening that contains the source of the river. A few goblins are found milling around the cave as the party see’s the entrance on the other side to the Bugbear leaders cave. The Party forms a plan of attack, with stealth on their side they launch into the fray.

Shamus begins the fight with a quick kill followed by Peron singing songs and Emeron casting pretty lights. Xarrakas follows up by splitting a Goblin in half with a maul.

The remaining Goblin runs off to alert the Bugbear known as Klarg, along with his Wolf pet and two more Goblins. Klargs wolf, Ripper, comes running out and meets Xarrakas’s Maul with his mouth which almost decimates him. He comes round for another blow and finishes it off.

Emeron equips Splug with his Dagger and learns that the Rider has been moved to the room that they passed earlier. Shamus then decides to to insult Klarg while wildly shooting arrows up to his quarters.

Klarg begins to rile up the Wolves down below his quarters in an attempt to unleash them. Peron then takes the rear to ready for the soon to be advancing wolves.

Xarrakas begins hurling abuse up into the room and is met with laughter. Shamus follows suit and the two Goblins give chase, leading them into Xarrakas’s Maul. The first meets his match and the second then stumbles at this sight. Peron runs over and begins to club the second Goblin, knocking out some of his teeth. Xarrakas then takes the final hit and obliterates the Goblin while yelling insults at Klarg still.

The Wolves finally break loose of their chains and begin running up the tunnel as Klarg takes a wild swing at Xarrakas. Peron tries to cast Sleep on the Bugbear but he doesn’t manage to lullaby the beast. With loud roar, Xarrakas uses his maul again to smash him across the chest. The Wolves continue to scramble up the tunnel as Klarg makes a weak swing at the Paladin, who weakly swings back. Klarg finally manages to connect with the Dragonborn with a laugh. As the wolves make the cave entrance, Emeron meets it’s face with his Mace. Peron then begins to mock Klarg viciously and get’s into his head. Though Emeron, Shamus & Xarrakas begin swinging wildly. Peron keeps up the insults and keeps the Bugbear at bay. Emeron finally connects with one of the Wolves and beats it to a pulp, as Xarrakas continues to miss the Bugbear. Shamus and Klarg also have trouble landing their shots.

In a wild swing, Xarrakas connects with the Bugbear and bloodies it. Another Wolf makes it to the top of the tunnel and enters an embrace with Emeron. Peron get’s into the psyche of Klark and begins to cause some real trauma. This gives Xarrakas the chance to split Klarg in twain sending mist everywhere.

Shamus uses this as an excuse to go explore the section of the cave they passed before by sneaking over the bridge connecting them. He spies a room filled with six goblins and the unconscious Sildar Hallwinter. The room is split in two with one half 10ft higher than the other. As one of the Goblins notice the Halfling, he jumps down the 10ft break to dash towards him and manages to kill himself in the process. The other Goblins are smarter than that and make their way down the steps towards the entrance.

While this is happening, Peron tries to help Emeron by hitting the wolves with a throwing dagger and accidentally catches Emeron in the back. This causes Emeron to disengage from the fray as this was the first time he had been hit.

Shamus comes running back across the bridge towards the rest of the party and informs them of the Goblins approaching and the location of Sildar. Peron and Emeron move to Shamus’s aid and the three of them begin to attack the approaching Goblins.

Xarrakas, left to his own devices gets knocked unconscious by the wolves who then run past his body and begin to gnaw on the body of Klarg.

The Party notices that there is a larger Goblin who runs off and away from the fight towards the entrance. At the same time, Peron stabilizes the Paladin and helps to stop him from dying. Emeron, Shamus and Peron make short work of the remaining Goblins, though Shamus takes a few to many hits and is close to death. They go and retrieve Sildar before taking a short rest to heal.



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