Saturday Morning D&D

Townsfolk and Talking

Session 2

We join the party in the Goblin cave, Peron has stabilized Xarrakas and Splug brewed up a special Goblin potion to get him to his feet again. As the party goes over their fight, they remember the Goblin who ran off looked like that of a leader Goblin. They rummage through the cave and among the miscellaneous coins they find a caravans worth of crates that had been raided by the Goblins. The owner of the crate is the Lionshild Coster, a merchant guild with a post in Phandalin.

They wake Sildar Hallwinter and question him about Gundren. Sildar explains the situation and the events that lead to his capture. Though he doesn’t know the way to Cragmaw Castle, he offers the party 50gp to help him back to town. Sildar also mentions that he is in this part of the world to search for his friend Iarno Albrek.

The party take the crates back to the cart and load them up with Sildar. On the ride back Sildar informs the party about the Rockseeker brothers and their discovery of Wave Echo Cave. The other two brothers are still making preparations at the Cave.

Eventually the party enters the town, they unload Gundrens supplies at Barthens provisions and they receive the 50gp they were promised. Barthen informs the party that the Rockseeker brothers are probably due for a stop in for provisions any day soon. During conversation the party learns of the Redbrand Ruffians and their antics along with the spineless mayor (Harbin Wester).

Afterwards the party visits the Lionsheild Coster to drop off the crates they found. Linene is happy to have her supplies back, believing that the Redbrands had taken her stock. Peron discovers that Linene is, under her leather clad armor, Bangin’. In a show of masculinity the party tries to empress her by moving the cartons. Xarrakas, Emeron and Peron make difficult work and fumble boxes. Shamus however grabs the largest, heaviest box and smoothly moves it out around the back. Noticing this Linene recognizes him as an ex local and the Nephew of Qelline, a local farmer. Linene pays the party another 50gp for their help and sends them on their way. Peron stays back and tries to hit on Linene to great success.

Here the party splits as Shamus goes of to visit his Aunt and Cousin in his old home. Qelline is very excited to see Shamus and learn that he is okay. She lets him know of Carps recent adventure in the forest, behind the Redbrand Hideout in Tresendor Mannor, and the Ruffians he saw dealing with Bugbears. Shamus gives one of the Jade statues they found in the Goblin Cave to his Aunt. While setting him um in the Hayloft she asks if Shamus has seen Reidoth the Druid on his travels, last she hear he was heading off to Thundertree. She mentions that he knows every inch of this land and was investigating a disturbance he felt. Shamus agrees to help find him and Qelline goes off to make dinner. Shamus begins questioning Carp about his adventures in the forest and Carp explains in detail the account of the Redbrands meeting with the Bugbears. Carp explains that he could show Shamus where the secret entrance is. Shames takes note and heads off to the Inn to meet up with the party.

Once at the Inn, Peron decides that his lodging and meals would be much better paid for in the way of performance and stikes a deal with Toblin, the owner of the Stonehill Inn, to perform during the evening. While at the Inn the characters learn, from a local weaver, that the Redbrands have been hassling all the businesses in town, except for Halia Thornton of the Miners Exchange. Toblins son Pip, the bartender, mentions in passing about Carps adventures. While, chatting amongst themselves and trying to make plans for the next day, Sildar mentions that it’s always a good idea to talk to the locals of a new town to learn the ways of the people. As Peron’s song comes to a climax Xarrakas gets up to dance and Carp sneaks in to join the party. Carp joins Splug under the table as Shamus begins to feed them both ale. Shamus decides to loan Splug some of his old armor. Peron begins the song he composed on his trip into town called “A Tribute to Splug”. As the evening winds down Xarrakas wildly overpays the Innkeeper and they head to bed. Shamus taking a drunken Carp and Splug back to his aunts home.

When the party awaken, they learn that Sildar is going to be setting up shop in the Townmasters Hall. The Innkeeper gives the party the quick rundown of the town and let’s the know all the key players.

Shamus wakes Carp and realizes that he’s in no state to show him the entrance, he asks Splug to make a shaman mix to help Carp’s hangover. Qelline then meets Splug for the first time and freaks out. He makes a nice fix for Carp and they leave him to recuperate.

The party heads off to the Townmasters Hall and learn of a job to rid the area of Wayvern Tor, they take note and head inside. As they head in an meet the skittish Harbin Wester. Xarrakas questions Harbin about Gundren and learns that Harbin is as useless with information as he is with his running the town. He has trouble helping the party with the location of Cragmaw Castle as well. Harbin, can give the party the location of the Orc bandit raids and the number of how many there has been. When asked about the Redbrands, he becomes awkward and tries to skirt around the topic. He tells the Party that they are of no trouble.

On there way out, Sildar collars the party as he has set up a Lords Alliance outpost in the Townmasters Hall. He asks for their help in finding Iarno Albrek who he believes has been captured by the Redbrands. If the party can learn of what happened to him and sort out the Redbrand problem he will pay them 200gp. Along with this, he offers 500gp for the safe return of Gundren and that his captors be bought to justice.

Shamus then leaves the rest of the party to chase up leads while he sets up shop at the Shrine of Tymora. He meets a long time friend Sister Garaele, a Zealot Elf and agent of The Harpers. She questions Shamus about his reasoning for venturing back to town and upon learning that he has made friends with a group of adventurers she asks Shamus to help with a quest. She needs Shamus to seek out a Banshee called Agatha in the abandoned town of Connerberry and present her with a Jeweled Comb. Once she apears, question her about the Ancient Spell book once owned by the legendary mage known as Bowgentle. She gives Shamus three potions of healing as payment for this task.

Shamus then begins to test his luck out the front of the shrine of Tymora and learns that his card peddling becomes extremely lucky, pulling out of shuffled decks, two royal flushes in a row. All of a sudden Elsa, Shamus childhood friend (an eighteen year old female) wonders past and greets Shamus excitedly. She sits down to a game of poker and a catch up. Shamus wins the first hand and learns that she is currently working at the Sleeping Giant Taphouse. She bets 5gp that she can win the next hand and unfortunately looses. She goes for the double or nothing and again Shamus wins. Sister Garaele tells Shamus he should consider joining the faith of Tymora, he flicks a silver coin into the holy water as a sign of faith.

The rest of the party are making their way to the Sleeping Giant Tap House, Peron playing his lute as they wonder along the roads. They learn about all the Redbrand dealings in town from the locals on the way and the protection racket they are performing. Xarrakas, Emeron and Peron make their way into the Tap House. They see four Redbrand Ruffians sat in the back corner, who leer at them and begin to taunt them. The party ignores them and go to order a drink, the owner Grista, wonders over and tells them its 2gp for three drinks. Xarrakas questions this and Grista informs them that they aren’t welcome here. They go to the back of the room and find a quiet table and sit down. It isn’t long before the Ruffians throw a mug of ale at them, Xarrakas and Emeron approach them and the Ruffians stab a knife into the table threateningly. The Ruffian spits in Xarrakas face. While Emeron questions them, the Redbrands tell them to leave town and mind there own business. As Emeron pulls out a parchment of religious text, the Redbrand stand up to attack. They’re quick to react and draw their short swords before taking aim and start swinging and the Paladin and Cleric. A few connect and they take a small hit. Peron sees this and decides that he could avoid a fight by casting sleep on the Ruffians. This however backfires as he only manages to put Xarrakas and Emeron to sleep. As the Dragonborn and Half-Elf fall over backwards, Peron manages to persuade the Redbrands that they should be let go. The Ruffians drag them outside and throw them onto the porch.

The party meet back together and trade stories of the day. Shamus is sat at the Inn with Elsa catching up. Upon hearing what the rest of the party has been doing, he lets them know that they aren’t very well trained and if they could catch them by surprise they should be able to take them all down.

Shamus leaves Elsa with the rest of the party and gets Carp to show him and Splug the secret entrance to Tresendor Manor. They manage to keep hidden and once they know where the entrance is they head back home.

Back at the Inn Peron starts to perform for the crowd and for his board. Elsa informs the rest of the party that the majority of the Redbrands head to the Tap House on Friday nights (tonight) and that they tend to get very drunk and stay over. She thinks that it would be a good idea to head to their hideout tonight while they are out. HOWEVER they decide to wait until next Friday before confronting them. Instead they decide to mill around and clean up some smaller jobs. The motherfuckers. After a good night they all head to bed and Elsa wonders home.

Upon waking up in the morning and convening at the Inn, they are greeted by Grista kicking in the door of the Inn. Grista accuses Toblin and then the party of causing Elsa to miss work this morning. After Toblin and the party convince Grista that Elsa went home the night before, they agree to go and check on her to see if everything is okay.

Once they reach her home, they find the back door kicked open and the place trashed. Both Elsa and her Father are nowhere to be found. Xarrakas then notices a dagger stuck in the table, the same dagger he saw the Redbrands using at the Tap House. With this information the party decide to head to the Redbrand hideout straight away while they are all hopefully hungover.



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