Saturday Morning D&D

Redbrand Ruffians Ripped Raw

Session 3

Upon the discovery of Elsa’s Kidnapping, Shamus fills the party in on the two entrances to the Redbrand hideout, the main door in the cellar of the abandoned Tresendor Mannor, which he used as a member in the past, and the secret entrance Carp showed him in the forest, although he doesn’t know where it leads.

The party head out into the forest and through the secret tunnel. Peron helps inspire Emeron as they approach and lets everyone know he’s ready to cast heals. They reach the end of the tunnel into a chasm with a rift through the middle, two stone pillars hold up the ceiling and two bridges span the rift. Emeron notices the head of a Nothic poking around a pillar as it speaks to him in his mind. It requests food in return for safe passage. Xarrakas steps in and loudly exclaims that they mean no harm, Emeron pull’s out holy text and Peron starts to bargain for their passage. After getting Splug to hand over a sausage, Xarrakas tries to offer it as payment. It is swiftly turned down. The Paladin tries to convince the Nothic that he will let him eat the bodies of the Redbrands he plans to slaughter. It counters that if the party leaves a valuable item with it, he will give it back one he gets food. Peron offers his lute but the Nothic is confused. Xarrakas enters into a barter with gold before finally taking a swing.

His maul misses and smashes into a column. Emeron throws out a guiding bolt that sails harmlessly past. Shamus follows Xarrakas lead but manages to catch it in the shoulder. Once the Nothic creature realizes it’s under attack it stared the Dragonborn down with a deathly gaze. Peron notices that the closest bridge is rigged to fall when crossed as he throws a dagger towards the Nothic but misses completely. Xarrakas takes another swing and throws wild and decides to heal himself in the process. Emeron slides up and swings with the mace catching him in the torso. Shamus finds his aim and manages to land another arrow on the creature before retreating into the shadows. The Nothic turns his deathly gaze towards the Cleric but it has no effect on him. As it runs away, Xarrakas takes a swing and smashes it on the back of the head, bloodying the creature. Peron notices as he ducks into the shadows and gives chase, rapier at the ready. Xarrakas follow suit and runs over the far bridge as the Nothic did. The Cleric decides instead to cast sacred flame on the Nothic who nimbly dodges the flames. Shames leaves the combat to lead splug and investigate the surroundings… somewhat unstealthily. They hear however, some grunting laughter and the cries of a goblin through a wooden door.

The Nothic turns its gaze on Emeron and causes his stomach to turn is pain. Peron, using his non-existent knowledge of Nothic’s to mock it viciously. the Nothic however is full of confidence and shrugs it off. Xarrakas see’s his opening and hurls a javelin at the creature but misses horribly. Emeron retries he sacred flame, missing yet again. Down the hall, Shamus tries to hide in the shadows but knows the Nothic still sees him. He then tells Splug to fire a shot of at the Nothic but the Goblin fires wildly. The Nothic, now feeling threatened takes a swing at Emeron with his claws and misses the first hand but gouges the Clerics with his second set of claws, almost taking the Cleric down. Peron runs passed the Dragonborn and yells inspiring words at him before reading his rapier for it the Nothic comes near. Xarrakas runs towards the Nothic and strikes with a Javelin straight to the Nothics thigh. Emeron takes a quick swing in his weakened state and misses. Luckily however he remembers that he can cast Healing Word on himself and begins to feel better. Shamus decides to to rejoin the fight, bringing Splug with him. They both fire an arrow, Splug finding his target as Shamus missing wildly. The Nothic decides to to turn his eye on the Paladin who shrugs off its deathly gaze. Peron decides to help Emeron and heals the Cleric while giving him some inspiring words. Xarrakas finds an opening at this point in time and lunges forth with his javelin, catching the Nothic straight through the eye, taking him down.

Shamus tells the party of what he heard down the passage and the party follow him down the passage. On the way he mentions that he will be killing all those he finds in the Redbrands service. The party agrees to those terms and begin making preparations to knock down the door. Xarrakas attempts to kick in the door but finds it sturdier than thought. Instead he decides to deceive them with the ‘Star wars prisoner transfer’ defense. The Bugbears in the room aren’t falling for this and tell the party to “Fuck off!”. On inspection Shamus discovers that the door is unlocked and Xarrakas kicks it open. As they enter the room they see three Bugbears, one wearing an eye-patch, and a Goblin, who passes out in the middle of the room. The Bugbears wear no Redbrand insignia.

The bugbears rush the door at this point and swing at the Dragonborn stood in the door, hitting him with a Morningstar. Shamus, hidden behind the hulking Paladin takes a arrow shot through his legs but misses the Bugbear in the door. While this is happening, Emeron casts a Sheild of Faith on Xarrakas and a sacred flame though the door. He misses the bugbears however. Peron casts Heroism on Xarrakas to help him feel more alive. With this new invigoration Xarrakas hits the Bugbear with his maul infused with Thunderous Smite, knocking the Bugbear back into a wooden bed bunk. This causes a massive thunder crack, audible all thought the cave. The remaining Bugbears charge the door frame and take shots at the Dragonborn, hitting him across the chest. Shames again takes another shot through the Paladins legs, but misses again. Emeron throws a Sacred Flame around the door and splashes the Bugbear in the face. Peron then comes to Xarrakas aid and cast a heal on him to restore his health. Xarrakas again uses his Thunderous smite infused maul to knock the second Bugbear into the first. They’re now sat on top of each other as the final Bugbear approaches the door. It takes a wild swing with a morningstar but misses the Paladin. Shamus, through the legs with his bow, finally finds purchase on a Bugbear, catching it in the arm. Peron takes a swing around the door with his rapier but misses the figure stood there.

With a wide grin, Xarrakas unleashes his Lightning Breath weapon on the now lined up Bugbears. The two that had been previously smashed together get incinerated while the first takes a massive strike across the chest. The Bugbear comes back from this with a quick swipe at the Dragonborn, barely glancing off his armor. Shamus and Splug again take pot shots around the Paladin at the Bugbear but again miss their mark. Emeron, however, makes his mark with a Sacred Flame, singeing the Bugbear while Peron again flails his rapier through the door frame missing anything of importance. Xarrakas takes a hefty swing with his maul and clocks the beast across the jaw causing the Bugbear to loose balance and miss its attack. This in tern causes Shamus & Splug to miss their target. Emeron’s run of lucky Sacred Flame comes to an end while Peron continues his constant Rapier flailing. Xarrakas, wanting to end the fight is over eager and takes a chunk out of the door frame, while the Bugbear also misses and begins to flee. Xarrakas maul however makes it through the door frame and smashes the Bugbear on the head as it tries to flee, killing it.

Xarrakas, takes lead into the room and the Goblin awakens. It greets the Dragonborn with thanks and explains to the Paladin and Bard that he is tired and scared. He introduces himself as Droop and explains how he was bought here with the Bugbears. Splug enters the room and the two Goblins rejoice at seeing each other. With his Shamanistic tenancies, Splug pulls together a quick remedy to get Droop on his feet. They decide that Xarrakas is to be carer for Droop and he should look after him and teach him the ways of good. When asked if Splug can help heal Xarrakas, he nods his head and pulls together an egg, a handful of flour and a splash of water. He mixes it together and starts plying it to the Dragonborns wounds and although he feels like it was meant to help, he notices that its has no effect other than to make him sticky.

While this is going on, Emeron and Shamus notice a wizard running across the cavern they were previously in, holding a staff made of Glass. Shamus is quick to fire off an arrow and catches him in the back of the thigh. The wizard is momentarily confused at the sight of Shamus as he thought him dead. Peron jumps into action with vicious mockery and begins to disorientated. Xarrakas takes this time to consume a Potion of Cure Light Wounds while he’s out of the line of sight before running out to see whats going on. The first to give chase however is Emeron while casting sacred flame, though he misses. GlassStaff, seeing this tries to cast charm person but the hearty Cleric is unmoved by this. Knowing his spell has failed GlassStaff begins to run again. Seeing the wizard run, Shamus decides to give chase and half way across the bridge, it begins to give way. The Halfling jumps the rest of the distance and makes it safely to the other side. As the bridge gives way, Emerons keen eyesight notices a hefty sack come loose and fall to the bottom of the rift. Peron tries to follow Shamus but doesn’t manage to make the distance and falls to the bottom, straight on top of the sack. Xarrakas jumps over Peron in a single stride and gives chase to the wizard. Finally, Emeron decides to jump over as well. He makes it but its not graceful in the slightest. As the party bares down on him GlassStaff turns to the Dragonborn tries to cast Hold on him but the Dragonborn keeps on coming at him. Shamus tries to get in sight of the wizard and at the same time ties a length of rope to an arrow ready to shoot at GlassStaff. While all this excitement is going on Peron decides to take inventory of the sacks contents. There is a lot of currency and gems, potions of healing, a scroll and a sword. Afterwards, the Bard climbs his way out of the rift.

Xarrakas kicks things into gear and charges the GlassStaff with his Maul, cracking him across the chest. Emeron moves up and notices a hidden wall behing the wizard while casting Sacred Flame on the wizard, scorching his beard. GlassStaff, Fonsie’s the secret wall and casts misty step, moving himself away from the Dragonborn and towards a well at the end of the room and hefts up a sack hidden in the water. Shamus creeps along the wall and fires his roped arrow at the wizard, catching him in the hip. Peron takes this opportunity to catch up to the rest of the party. Xarrakas moves up and takes a swing with his maul and knocks the wizard unconscious.

The party tie up the wizard up while Peron takes a glance at the wizards Glass Staff and notices that it is a Staff of Defense and could be worth some gold. Emeron and Shamus instruct the Goblins to grab the sack in the rift and search for arrows. Once the wizard is tied up Xarrakas wakes him up. His first question is asking where the prisoners are kept. The wizard looks around and assess the situation, realizing his interrogator is a Paladin, he keeps his silence. While Xarrakas keeps pushing for information, GlassStaff lets loose that he is more scared of another than he is of him. Xarrakas moves on and questions him about the location of Cragmaw Castle but meets resistance and mockery. Shamus begins the twist an arrow in the wizard before Emeron steps in to stop him. This does coerce the information that Elsa is kept in the cells, but he isn’t aware of the location of Cragmaw Castle. He informs the party that the Bugbears bring messages from Black Spider. He lets them know that the Black Spider struck a deal with the Redbrands to ruff up the town and keep away adventurers. While he is talking to them however he looks at Shamus and casts Charm Person but Shamus hatred burns strong. Xarrakas, happy with the information he has gotten walks away with a nod towards Shamus. GlassStaff, seeing an opportunity, Misty Steps the the other side of the room and against the door alerting a room full of Redbrands.

The Redbrands bust through the door as Peron runs over and coup de grace’s the wizard. The Redbrands take strikes and Xarrakas and Peron, landing shots with their shortswords. Shamus runs back to the stairs and begins to take pot shots at the Ruffians finding purchase on one of them. Emeron, notices the Bard taking hits and casts a healing spell on him. Xarrakas begins to swing with his maul but doesn’t connect. Watching the Paladin miss his swing, withdraws from the fray of combat. The Ruffians swarm the Paladin and start taking swings. They each find purchase and almost drop the Paladin. Shamus, concealing himself behind Peron, takes another shot at his previous target, killing him. Emeron moves up to support Xarrakas and swings at the Ruffians, hitting one across the shoulder. Xarrakas keeps on swinging and beats one to near death. Peron takes a stab around a corner and nearly hits the Cleric. The Ruffians attack the two in front of them hitting Emeron and dropping the Paladin. As this is happening Shamus fires another salvo, hitting and killing another Ruffian. Emeron, seeing the Paladin has dropped, stabilizes him. Peron takes another stab around the corner, missing yet again as the last remaining Ruffian takes a stab, hitting the Cleric. Shamus moves for better vantage on the remaining Ruffian, and takes a shot from behind the well, catching him in the arm. Emeron, enraged, catches the last Ruffian with his mace, killing him.

The party divvy up the Potions of Healing they have and get themselves back to a healthy level. Shamus gives a potion to Splug, who adds a little extra spice to the mixture before administering it to the Paladin. During this time, Shamus cuts off GlassStaffs head and throws it into the water supply.

After taking a look around, the party discern which direction they should be heading and start of towards the jail cells. They enter a corridor lined with fake pillars and Emeron notices that half way down is a pit trap. He gives the fake floor a nudge and it falls into a 20 foot drop. Xarrakas takes the lead trying to jump over the pit, making it by the skin of his teeth. Shamus follows up by shimming around it gracefully. Emeron follows and falls into the pit. The Goblins shimmy across with Droop making it across and Splug falling in. Xarrakas takes the opportunity to tie a rope to his waste and lower the other end in. Shamus opens the door behind them into an old crypt to give the party more room. Peron attempts to shimmy around but takes a fall in on the first step.

Xarrakas attempts to haul the remaining party from the hole. Emeron goes first, he makes it half way easily, however as he gains near the top he stumbles before finding purchase. After the Dragonborn makes a crude comment, Emeron tries to push him and pushes him into the hole. Peron grabs the rope tied to the Paladin and throws it up to Emeron who ties it off on the door hinge. Peron then begins to climb the rope gracefully and finds his way out. Splug follows, taking a slip around halfway before scrabbling up. Xarrakas with his bruised ego, fails to find footing before scrabbling half way up and falling back in. Again he fails to find purchase and slips, falling prone. The party, attempt to pull the Dragonborn out of the hole and with their strength combined drag him out.

After this debacle, the party has to stop for a another healing session, consuming their last Potions of Healing.

The party enter the room and Xarrakas begins smashing skeletons, feeling that they would animate if he didn’t. Emeron, shocked by this, questions what he’s doing. As Shamus puts his ear up to the door on the far side, the skeletons begin to reform. Peron is the quickest to act, rushing in and swinging his club, cracking a rib. The skeleton attacks back, missing, as another swings at Droop, swiping him across the cheek. The final skeleton swings at Shamus, catching him with his short sword. Emeron swings with his mace but misses the skeleton entirely. After taking a hit, Shamus disengages from the fray towards another door. He hears through the door the sound of Ruffians readying themselves. He readies an attack for anybody that nears him. The Paladin swings for the closest skeleton and smashes it into tiny pieces. As Peron draws his other club, he takes a swing at the skeleton in front of him, destroying his ribcage. It swings back but misses, just like the other at Emeron, who misses his mace attack back. Shamus however finds purchase on the skeleton and pops the arm out of its shoulder. Xarrakas tries to swing his maul at a skeleton and misses wildly. Peron shows him how its done, smashing the skeleton with both clubs, taking off both his arms. The skeletons flail back at the party but to no avail. Emeron finally finds purchase with his mace, smashing the skeleton in front of him into little bits. Shamus takes a shot at the last remaining skeleton, knocking his skull clean off, killing it.

Emeron decides that, knowing the people on the other side of the door are ready for them, casts thaumaturgy to make the door fly open, his voice boom three times louder than normal and the ground shake slightly. He yell’s out to the four Redbrand Ruffians on the other side to lay down their weapons. The Redbrands, being a lot younger than those met previously, move to the back of the room and lay down their short swords. Xarrakas moves in and demands they kick their weapons over and then Peron moves them out of the way. The party moves out of the way as Emeron tells them to leave.

As the Ruffians leave the door, Shamus fires an arrow at the first one he sees. He takes an arrow through the eye and falls to the floor dead. Peron takes a quick shot with his clubs at the last through the door instinctively, hitting him in the back. The Ruffians take out the daggers on their belt to defend themselves and swing wildly, missing both Shamus and Peron. Xarrakas disengages from the fray and unlocks Elsa’s cage with the key he found on the Bugbears earlier. Elsa runs out of the cage and meets eyes with Shamus. He shrugs this off however and takes another shot at the Ruffians in the doorway but misses his shot. Slug, under Shamus direction attacks the closest Ruffian, hitting him in the shin. Emeron turns and takes a shot at the rear Ruffian with his mace, smashing him across the cheek. The Ruffians disengage and begin to beat feet away from the party. Xarrakas turns around to open the cage to the other jail, letting the occupants know that they are being rescued. Shamus however, now that the Ruffians are running past him, pulls out his short sword and dagger. He swings at the closest Ruffian and guts him, killing him. Emeron heads over to the jail door to help ease Elsa and check for wounds, if slightly touchily. Elsa seems shook up as she is watching he childhood friends being killed in front of her. She is worried about her father as she doesn’t know where he is. Peron approaches the other cage he see a woman and her daughter and son. He begins to check out the prisoners, offers his aid and tells them that everything will be okay. The Ruffians are still trying to flee, however watching the Rogue kill their friend take swings at him, catching a quick stab. Xarrakas, hearing his friend in combat, rushes to the door and hurls his maul towards the closest Ruffian he can see. However, he was over eager and throws wild. Shamus uses this distraction to take another quick stab at the Ruffians and slices one of them. Emeron, knowing Elsa is okay, moves to the other cage to check for wounds on the family and notices a dead male body at the bottom of the jail. He learns that it was the woman’s husband who has been dead for four days now. Peron continues to comfort the family and calms them down. The Ruffians, still fighting for their lives, continue to take swings at the Rogue making a few slashes. Xarrakas moves forwards to kick the closest Ruffian but looses balance and misses. Shamus continues to slash at the two remaining Ruffians, he spins quickly and slices them both to death.

As Shamus walks into the Jail area, Elsa comes running out and begins to slap him across the face, yelling at him for killing their childhood friends. She claims they weren’t to blame here and that things could have been handled better. Shamus brushes things off and offers an explanation later on.

Peron learns the names of the family in the cage and Mirna, the mother, tells Peron that although the family are poor, her parents owned an alchemy store in Thundertree. There would be a chest there with gold and gems that the party are welcome to as payment. The party thanks them and tells them to lock themselves in the jail for a while, why they clear out the area. Droop and Splug stay back with them to keep guard.

The party decide to take a quick hours rest to patch themselves up as Peron plays some soothing music to help boost their moral. As they explore the rest of the hideout, they find Glass Staffs rooms, the armory, and a storage area. As they push onwards they enter a room with three Ruffians and Elsa’s father, drunk out of their minds. The Ruffians are happy to see Shamus though confused while Elsa’s father tells Shamus he should be dead twice by now. Peron decides that he isn’t needed here and goes off to escort the prisoners home. He stays for dinner and heads back to the Inn. Back in the Hideout, Elsa begins to freak out as her father rambles on. Through the drunken mumbling it comes to pass that Elsa’s father had originally put the hit out on Shamus because he was a Redbrand and Elsa’s father didn’t want him being with Elsa. Upon returning to Phandelver, Elsa told her father of Shamus return and Elsa’s father got angry with the Redbrands for not delivering on their original contract. After a scuffle, they concoct a plan to lure Shamus into the Hideout so they can kill him. They kidnap Elsa and fake kidnap her father too.

The party, decide to tie the Redbrands and Elsa’s father into a chain-gang and begin marching them back to town. On there way out of the hideout, Elsa points out that the head floating in the well is the missing wizard everyone has been looking for, Iarno Albrek. Emeron and Xarrakas bag the head ready to take it back to Sildar.



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