Saturday Morning D&D

Back Before Beginnings.

An Intro Into The Players

Xarrakas – A Dragonborn Crusader, with a less than pristine past.

A priest of Talos during the Religious crusades of Wyrmthall, he has seen a lot of bloodshed in his career. However he had risen through the ranks quite quickly, being favored due to his lightning breath and his willingness to obey his superiors orders. After the Crusades ended in the Taking of the Northern Range, Xarrakas left his clergymen to spread the good word of Talos through the land by righting injustice wherever he found it.

Shamus Lightfoot – A Halfling Criminal, on the run from his old gang.

Shamus moved to Phandalin from Kole as a young boy, with his Aunt and Nephew. His parents dead or gone, he didn’t know or care to find out. It wasn’t long however before Shamus began causing trouble and got himself initiated into the local gang, The Redbrands. A few years go by before, seemingly out of nowhere, The Redbrands are trying to kill him, at the orders of their leader Glass Staff. He cunningly evades them, escaping town for good, however hes managed to end up on a path back some years later.

Emeron Tanalvass – Half-Elf Acolyte, seeking to promote the word of Helm

A Clergyman from Mallowhallow and worshiper of Helm, Emeron was witness to the Talos Crusades through the Northern Mountains and on lonely nights can still hear the screams of those he could not save from, what he has grown to know as, the conversion. His superiors saw a chance after the the Taking of the Northern Range and Emeron was one of many chosen to seek out the followers of Talos and keep a faithful eye on them. All the while he spreads the love of Helm and seeks to do good where it is needed.

Peron Galanodel – Half-Elf Minstrel, just looking for his next gig.

Peron’s past is held close to his chest and he shows no sign of opening it to anyone soon. He’s always up for a jest and is quick with a joke, while he takes notes of the parties encounters so that he may compose glorious ballads. His lute and his drum are the tools of his trade though he is proficient in many instruments. He truly steps into his element however when in the presence of a maiden as Peron is a ladies man at heart and a sucker for a pretty face.



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