The cultures, or sentient races (those found to have logic and reasoning) are as follows:

  • Humans (Interbreed)
  • Haflings
  • Elves (Interbreed)
  • Dwarves (Interbreed)
  • Orcs (Interbreed)
  • Dragonborn
  • Goblins (including most goblinoid subspecies)
  • Trolls (made of living rock)
  • Tieflings

These are the races excepted by most societies as the world is rather inclusive of anyone willing to work for the betterment of society.
All of these races however have a portion that lives as ‘bandits’, ‘raiders’ or ‘tribes’ and cast off society for a life of crime.

Of the four that are capable of interbreeding, they can do so in any way, aka: Ork-Human – Dwarf-Elf – Elf-Orc – Human-Dwarf ect.

Each Species was Created by Rif, Price of the People. They were each given areas to inhabit however as the world grew smaller (politically speaking) the different races have moved to where they find work or where their wanderlust takes them. The mayor cities still stand where the Races were birthed however.

All races are aware of their home lands, either in the literal sense or their overall racial homelands. Many races have now expanded and mixed together to form more cities and towns with a multicultural vibe. Old Racial based wounds are on the cusp or repair as the older Xenophobic generations are dying out and the new generation are being born withing mixed cities and forming friendships with all races. This has taken time given the extended and different lifespans of the races.


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