Blackview was once the Ancestral home of the Goblins, however the prime site of the cities location made it desirable to the Human population.

Around 500 years ago, the Goblin inhabitants were driven away from their ancestral home and forced into the blasted lands to live amongst the Orc’s. The Humans took up the settlement and turned it into a thriving military city. At the time, Humans, Dwarves and Elves felt the Orcs needed to be watched and that a force needed to be set up on the West side to ensure they didn’t expand.

Nowadays, the City has become shell of its former self. Though the City is renowned for its fine pelts and animal furs, the population is a lot smaller than it once was. It is ruled by a military ranking with the Chief Officer acting like a King and passing law.

Blackview is believed to be the source of all forms of Lycanthropy in the world and is to this day plagued by Were-people. Many say this is due to a curse left on the area by the original Goblin inhabitants.


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