Fallcrest is the Ancestral home of all Humans. Though many have branched off around the world to form new settlements. Because of their relatively short live span, this has lead to an evolutionary change that has given rise to varying skin color and culture.

Fallcrest is considered as the City of Cities. It is the larges of all the Cities and the most racially and culturally diverse. Its population, at current time, consists of a majority Human, Dwarven, Elfish and Halfling. However the Dragonborn, Orcish, Goblin, Troll & Tiefling population of Fallcrest is matched only by their Ancestral Cities.

Fallcrest has a large standing in the world and is looked to as the dominant force. It is ruled by the Tyrant Lord Macgillacutty. Since his rise to power, the City has become the cultural landmark and political force that dominates the world. Not much happens that hasn’t had some dealing in Fallcrest, and all things that pass through Fallcrest are known to Macgillacutty.

Macgillacutty’s major political force was the legalization of crime and the subsequent Guilding of any Crimes. this lead to the Thieves Guild, Seamstresses Guild and Assassins Guilds. Since this the streets have been the safest they have ever been as all crimes are run on a guild basis and anyone found committing a crime without the proper guild papers will find their face on the Assassins guilds job board rather quickly.

Fallcrest is also home to the Guild Houses. Every profession has a guild and every guilds headquarters is located in Fallcrest. Anybody looking to hone their trade or become a master of a trade will need to travel to Fallcrest at some point in their life. This has also given yet more power to Fallcrest, and in tern Macgillacutty, as Fallcrest holds the knowledge and power over almost all trades.


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