Formation on the Universe

Millennia ago, before the formation of the material plane that this world inhabits, there existed only the elemental planes.

The first was Void, the ever expansive and empty plane. Ruled by the Great One, Lo.

In his wisdom he created the Plane of Fire so that he may see the light and feel the warmth. He gave his Eyes to the Plane and created Sih, Lady of the Light.

He then created the Plane of Earth so that he may rest his body and work the clay. He gave his Stomach to the Plane and created Dar, Lord of the Grounds.

For thousands of years they all lived in harmony as Lo created the material plane so that he may weave his Void with Stars and Planets. Lo enjoyed the view of the stars and began creating vast galaxy’s.

Dar grew jealous of Lo’s love of Sih and began to populate these stars with planets to prove his worth. This increased Dar’s power as he populated his Plane with Earth Elemental Soldiers.

Once he felt confident, he waged war with Sih and the Fire Plane to proves his worth.

Lo, angry at this created the Plane of Air, to fan the fire of Sih and gave his Lungs to create Paj, Custodian of the Wind.

This helped Sih to keep control of her Plane. Paj wrapped up each of Dar’s worlds in a blanket of Air to keep him subdued.

Over the years to follow Dar kept to himself, growing his armies and plotting his revenge. One day he sent a blast of asteroids and comets hurtling through the material plane, this caused Paj and Sih to guard their Planes fearing attack.

However Dar crept into Lo’s realm and using the power there created the Plane of Water to bathe his wounded planets. He then stole Lo’s Bladder and created Kas, Woman of the Waves and Dar’s forced bride.

As the Oceans settled on the planets, continents were formed and Dar was at peace.

Lo, seeing Dar finally content forgave him of his past digressions and gave to him proof of his everlasting love for all of his creations.

Dar and Kas were given the Plane of Life to inhabit their worlds and Lo gave his Heart to create Rif, Prince of the People. Rif began to populate the worlds with his imagination, giving birth to beasts and creachers great and small.

This gave birth to the worlds of this universe. The plants and animals vary rather vastly from one continent to the next.

Due to the friction between the overlapping Planes of Existence that converge on the Material Plane, Magic exists as a way of harnessing this cosmic power to manipulate the forces around you. This has also shaped and changed the Flora and Fauna.

There is no evolutionary connection between both the continents as life formed after the ocean split them. However the introduction of foreign species via trade ships has caused devastation.

Formation on the Universe

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