Orc’s vary in color from light to dark green, mottled greys and muddy browns. Many are civilized and are now branching into the world to mingle with the other Races. The Half-Orc population has eased the way for the full bloods to enter society but it hasn’t been easy for them. There is still a deep seeded racism in many of the older generations of Humans who still believe them to be savages.

Before the world grew smaller (politically speaking), the Orc’s lived in war tribes. These tribes fought for control of their land. Once a lush forest with giant trees and beasts, it was decimated by the constant wars and skirmishes between the tribes. Over centuries of conflict the land itself dwindled beneath their feet as they adapted to the now harsh sun on their shoulders and growing scarcity of food.

Nowadays the Orc’s follow the chieftain Porlak, a giant of an orc with the cunning of a Fox. He bought the tribes together and formed the Blasted Land’s, now a place of peace and prosperity. The city nation is controlled by him and the old tribes each founded one of the town’s around the city. Nowadays the town’s are a mixture of different orcs from various tribes and their once distinct shades of greens and brown’s are slowly but surely starting to blend. He named it the Blasted Land’s to remind his people of what their own kind was capable of doing to itself when the worked against each other instead of for each other. The symbol of their flag is a white tree stump. The tree stump itself can be found outside Porlak’s tribal center and it is the single remaining tree from the old Forrest. Legend says it has begun to sprout a single leaf.

There are those who don’t follow Porlak, but rather his older brother Tirlak. The last known and self proclaimed ‘warlord’. Him and his followers were cast out due to their radical beliefs and unwillingness to change as the rest of the race did. They can be found across the lands in small, roving bands, picking up rough jobs or congregated together. All of them brandishing the mark of the crescent moon to symbolize their allegiance to Tirlak.

Orc’s believe the meat of cattle and farm animals to be a rare delicacy when they first experience it. Their pallet is attuned to the large beetle creatures of the Blasted Lands. They find the flavors of the giant insects and lizards to be more preferable than that of the cattle.


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