Qelline Alderleaf

Qelline Alderleaf is a wise female halfling of forty-five. A pragmatic farmer who seems to know everything that goes on in town. She is a kind host, and offers the hayloft to any that need a place to sleep.

Qelline is also the Aunt and sole carer of Shamus Lightfoot. She raised him from a young child after his parents died. Shamus does what he can to hide the extent of his criminal past from her while at the same time giving a portion of his ill-gotten gains to her as thanks for her yars raising him.

Qelline’s son, Carp, is a spirited and precocious halfling lad of ten years old. He is enchanted by the idea of being an adventurer. While playing in the woods one day he found the secret entrance to the Redbrand hideout. Carp shows Shamus and Splug how to get there during the night.


Reidoth the Druid; Qelline mentions to Shamus that the local Druid Reidoth knows the area like no other. If anyone knew where Cragmaw Castle is, it would be him. However he has been on a sabbatical to Thundertree, a local ruin site, and he hasn’t been back for a few weeks. – Completed.

Qelline Alderleaf

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