Sister Garaele

Phandalin’s only temple is a small shrine made of stones taken from nearby ruins. It is dedicated to Tymora, Goddess of Luck and Good Fortune.

The shrine is in the care of a scholarly acolyte named Sister Garaele, a zealous younge elf who despairs of ever ridding Phandalin of the Redbrands. Sister Garaele is a member of the Harpers, a scattered network of adventurers and spies who advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power. The Harpers gather information throughout the land to thwart Tyrants and any leader, government, or group that grows too strong. They aid the week, the poor, and the oppressed. Sister Garaele regularly reports to her superiors on events in and around Phandalin.


The Banshee’s Bargain: Recently, Garaele’s superiors asked her to undertake a delicate mission. they wanted her to persuade a banshee named Agatha to answer a question about a spell book. Garaele sought out Agatha in her lair, but the creture did not appear for her. Garaele desires an intermediary to bring Agatha a suitable gift, a jeweled silver comb, and persuade the creature to tell what she knows about the location of a spell book belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. Sister Garaele believes that the party can flatter Agatha’s vanity and trade the comb for the answer. She gives the party three potions of healing as payment.

Sister Garaele

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