Travel Between the Lands

Traveling between the lands can take around 4 weeks by ship.

The oceans themselves are cold and treacherous so the ships take it slow and steady. Plenty of Icebergs float around the open ocean that range from the size of a hefty canoe to a small island.

There are ‘trade routes’ that are frequently traveled between coastal cities;

  • Balgore to Winterhaven,
  • Brallier & The Flotilla both make passage via Booty Bay to Balgrum,
  • Goldsprings to Kole,
  • Eriton to Delcliff,
  • Springshore to Sachati.

Given the amount of ships on these routes, its kept somewhat clear however it is standard practice (and a good industry) to hire mercenaries/protectors for the journey. There is always the possibility of raiding parties (not so much pirates as bandits and highwaymen of the sea), sea monstrosities and the occasional Ice Giant.

Travel Between the Lands

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