Hello and welcome to Saturday morning D&D.

This is a Campaign set on the Homebrew world of A’Tuin, which you can learn more about in the Wiki.

Our intrepid adventurers include;

  • Xarakas the Dragonborn Paladin: Darcy Rodwell
  • Peron the Half-Elf Bard: James Krohn
  • Shamus the Halfling Rogue: Jason Brooke
  • Emeron the Half-Elf Cleric: Rhys Hall

Along with some Goblin companions and a will to do good, they are currently slogging their way through the Mines of Phandelver Campaign and will soon be branching out into the wide world of level 5+

I’m your DM, Robert Keys, playing all the monsters trying to kill you and the NPC’s trying to get you killed.

Saturday Morning D&D

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