Q’larhn is the ancestral home of the High Elves.

The forests around this metropolis are pristine and full of life as creatures great and small live in harmony with the Elves. The city itself is a homage to intelligence and spiritual enlightenment.

Due to the High Elves long lifespan, the set out and architecture would seem archaic to visitors from the rest of the world. However all High Elves or half high elve’s feel naturally serine while within the cities walls.
Many attribute this to being surrounded by their kin while others say its the deep seeded natural magic that litters the area but few know that its due to the density of the land in this area causing time to slow slightly.

Other races feel slightly uncomfortable after extended periods of time in Q’larhn and though there are a few different races living in harmony here, those of non-elf blood tend to move on after a while.


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