Univercity is the one and only school of magic. It’s not entirely necessary for learning magic as the nature of magic in this world is fluid and comes from the space between the planes. However, the best of the best, top wizards in all the different ‘schools’ of magic pool their resources to best manage, handle and deal with the rather chaotic force. It would be considered more of a research university than a learning place.

The Crystalborough area of the world was once the center for magic however it is now left as a fractured and shattered coastline. This was caused by a major magical event in the worlds past and it is thus a gateway (almost like Chernobyl) of magic. After this happened the top wizards and sorcerers decided to band together in an attempt to control the forces and help channel it into the world.

The island was chosen as to minimize any damage to the surrounding areas should anything go wrong. However local settlement has taken to the surrounding coast due to trade in and out of the island. The island itself has become a mixture of the university itself and a “city” in that it houses it’s population and has all the amenities they would need for day to day life.

The name comes from poor translation of an older script no longer used and is literal in its translation of ‘Universe City’.

Persons of interest:

Udoril Windsailor: Mystic Pete’s former mentor and one of 8 Arch Chancellors.
Melstrom Ridcully: Chancellor of the Magic University.


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