Time and Calendar

Each day consists of 24 hours.

Each week consists of 7 days,

  • Einsday
  • Zweiday
  • Dreiday
  • Vierday
  • Funfday
  • Sechsday
  • Siebensday

Each month consists of exactly 4 Weeks,
Beginning on the first Einsday of week one and ending on the last Sibensday of week four.

Each year consists of 13 Months,

  • Januar
  • Febuain
  • Marich
  • Aprist
  • Mast
  • Hune
  • Midyear
  • Uley
  • Augastir
  • Selestim
  • Octim
  • Neverm
  • Decir

Once every 4 years, in between the last day of Decir and the first day of Januar, there is one extra day, known as the Worlds Day. It is considered a holiday in all cultures and is often the only day that all trades stop.

Time and Calendar

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