Wyrmthall is the native home to all Dragonborn.

The City itself is located in the small mountain range at the top of the world. To the West stretches treacherous and thick forest.

Dragonborn live mostly in homes carved into the very mountain. It is a symbol of ones wealth to have a home descends far into the belly of the mountain. The City Center is a large cavern carved out of the side of the mountains base that is accessible via a large stone gateway. In the center stands a 4 story tall monument of Talos. The poorer Dragonborn live in simple stone walled houses on the base of the mountain around the

It’s major Religion is to the God Talos. Through this religion the people of Wyrmthall have been on a Religious Crusade through the surrounding areas. This has caused the borders of Mallowhallow, Dallfcliff and Winterhaven to reduce drastically. The crusades took place over the coarse of 250 years and ended around 3 years from the current Campaign time.


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